Anchor Bay

Location of Site: 
Opposite Popeye’s Village, off the southern edge of the pier

Type of Dive: From the shore

Poor visibility is  the norm  if the wind is blowing from the North West, though this clears at the entrance of the cave. One has to take care of currents at the Cavern entrance 

Average Depth: 6 metres
Maximum Depth: 12 metres

Certification Required: BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water or equivalent.The Dive: 
The sea bed is composed of rock and sand and one can find an anchor, a cave and drop off. The bay is not that interesting at all but further out there is a massive boulder close to the shore which indicates the entrance of the cave. A wreck is located further ashore.

The Cave – To find the cave you have to swim to the left, follow the wall, when you come to a big boulder there you will find the entrance to the cave. The cave has an air pocket inside. Do not remove your regulator when you surface inside the cave as sometimes the air is stale. You can surface very easily inside. The cave has two other small entries where you can normally find some fresh water coming down. You will easily feel the fresh water as this will be very cold. It is recommended that you take a spare lamp with you and it s best you dive with someone who has knowledge of the dive site.

The Wreck – The wreck is the one used for the film Popeye.  It is a steel wreck whose hull is still in a good condition. The wreck is not accessible from the shore as it is too far away.

The Drop Off – Swim straight out from the bay until you come to the drop. It s about a 15 minute swim until you reach the drop. It is a very interesting dive. You could see many Octopus and Tung Shells. The bottom is quite rich in red algae. As you swim further out you will only find sand. This site is normally dived when the wind is blowing from the North East.  Current could be present in the area so take care and plan your dive well.