Many reasons prompt people to learn to dive, the thrill, the adventure, the opportunities and the sense of achievement.

Diving takes you into an exciting realm of experiences – from the first time you breathe air underwater to encounters with marine life, the challenge of wreck diving and the satisfaction of exploring new environments, developing new skills and making new friends. Diving is a sport open to everyone, with CSAC it's never been easier to take the plunge.

The best way to start is to have a try-dive under the supervision of an experienced CSAC instructor. Our try-dive sessions - where you can try using scuba gear are held throughout the year.

If you want to take your diving further your next step is to enrol on our entry level Ocean Diver course. A combination of theory lessons, sheltered and open water lessons experience will equip you with all the skills you need. Once qualified the ocean will become your underwater playground.

To join, download a copy of our enrolment form in PDF format by clicking the link below. As per Maltese Law, you are also required to fill the Medical Self-Assessment Form which is on page 2 of the same form. Should you, as the form indicates, need to consult a physician, please advise us and we will refer you to specialist diving doctors for a diving medical.

Ready to find out more?

Complete the New Member Enrolment Form and send it by email using the email below or else, give us a call on the below number.