Lockheed P2V Neptune

Navigation: 500 metres offshore Bahar ic-Caghaq. The wrecks co-ordinates are N 35.56.538, E 14.28.58 Map Link: to be confirmed Access: Boat Dive

Depth: 30 metres

Visibility: 20-30 metres

Sea Bed: Sand and Posidonia Meadows

Interests: Wreck Diver

Certification Required: 
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent Wreck Visible:
This wreck consists of part of the middle section of the plane without any major internal  components and including substantial / complete wings. Wreck History: On Friday, 13th January 1956, an RAF Lockheed P2V Neptune MR.1 WX547 of 36 Squadron, crashed at RAF Luqa after its undercarriage collapsed on landing. The RAF removed all salvageable parts and the plane was sold to Romulus/Bertram Ostrer Productions in 1957 and dumped 500 metres offshore Bahar ic-Caghaq for the underwater scenes in “The Silent Enemy” movie, directed by William Fairchild, starring Laurence Harvey and Dawn Addams, which was released in 1958. The wreck was discovered in 2015..   Credits:  Mr. Raniero Borg for Video linked below Mr Frederick Galea for Wreck History Ms. Veronica Busuttil for Pictures