The CSAC is a voluntary organisation, with the club depending on the income it raises through membership and fund-raising activities to keep its activities going.

Our member fee also gives you access to diving without incurring the costs of other commercial operators, as you only pay as a share of what the boat costs between the divers (e.g. €15 for a Sunday dive which is much cheaper than commercial operators) and the Club does not use diving activities as fund-raising events.

We don’t directly supply equipment or fills but our members help each other with transports and rentals once you prove to be a good buddy :). Some club sponsors also provide special discounts on purchasing of relevant equipment.

Membership fees are:

  • Standard CSAC Membership – €30 yearly;
  • BSAC Membership – €100 yearly (Includes monthly SCUBA Magazine & Third Party Liability Insurance) – For BSAC Qualified Divers
  • An additional Calypso Technical Diver Membership is needed for visiting UCHU managed wrecks – €30 yearly for divers with technical qualifications.

If you are ready to join up, or just up for your yearly renewal, kindly fill the form below (or on this link from mobile – Payment information will be provided at the end, and then we’ll get in touch with you once the form is received and payment is confirmed.