Reqqa Point


Location of Site:
Most northerly point of Gozo where there is a small curved spur jotting out into the sea

Type of Dive: Shore dive

It is very popular with fisherman and is difficult to enter and exit when sea is choppy

Average Depth: 25 metres
Maximum Depth: Beyond 70 metres

Certification Required: 
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive:
Most of this dive site is a rocky area and this wall dive comes with very good visibility and very large groupers some over 1 m in length. Easy to reach the sea for exit and entry, although the rocks are very sharp and pointed. There is sometimes also a ladder which can be used. To the left, about 150 metres from the entry, there is a very large cave with an air space. The entrance is at 28 metres and comes to 14 metres from the surface. The cave is called Billinghurst's Cave. There are two chambers, both very large, and in the inner one you find  an air pocket although the air is foul. There is a visitor’s book to sign. There are no restrictions in the cave but it is very large (150 metres), so take care to have plenty of air to go in and out. Right on Reqqa point there is a cave at 35 metres on the left hand side. This is known as the Chimney or Bottle Cave as it is shaped, exiting at 58 metres. The sand in this cave is heavy so there is not much silting.