Benghisa Point

Location of Site:
Situated south of Birzebbugia, right behind the Malta Freeport, in the vicinity of Benghajsa Reef.

Type of Dive: Shore dive

This area occasionally features strong surface currents in a north westerly direction with wind blowing from west and south.

Average Depth: 15 metres
Maximum Depth: 20 metres

Certification Required:
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive:
Starts from 4 metres. Extends gradually to a depth of 20 metres in a south-westerly direction once out of the inlet. The bottom is initially flat and rocky with gravel. Once out of the inlet, the seabed is covered with algae and posedonia with interesting rock formations close to shore, turns sandy further out. Because of the frequent passage of fishing and pleasure boats a surface marker buoy should be carried.

Furthermore, when entering the water by giant stride entry, care should be taken to jump off as far from the concrete platform as possible due to its height and the rocks hugging it. Rock formations (including an arch on the right side of the inlet) and various fish species can be found in the area. You will need an S.M.B.

Benghajsa Reef – Situated 1km out from south east of Benghajsa Point the reef starts from 10 metres and drops down to 50 metres in a south west direction. The bottom is flat and rocky with areas that are partly covered with sea weed and other areas which are bare. Caves and various fish species can be found in the area. You will need an S.M.B.