Delimara Point

Location of Site:
Past Marsaxlokk on the southern eastern point

Type of dive:
By boat or shore. If diving from shore, be careful as the area is frequented by hunters and bird trappers and they do not like people intruding.

Condition: Can only be dived when weather is near perfect as it is a very exposed site but it is almost one of the clearest sites with regards to visibility on the island

Average Depth: 12 metres
Maximum Depth: 25 metres

Certification Required: BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive:
The entry point of this dive is about 150 metres away from the parking lot at the roadside close to the lighthouse, out towards the headland pointing East. Please take note of the exit point before you enter the water. Once in the water you are in a few metres depth, but if you are facing the open sea, dive down and swim to your left. Eventually you will come to a small step in the bottom which veers a little bit away from the shore. Keep following this step and it will eventually start getting higher for a lovely drop-off full of cracks and crevices.

The reef is bright and rich in colourful fauna, though not commonly home to large fish. It has a rocky sea bed, with a lot of sandy areas as you go out. It is important that all divers carry a knife due to the many fishing lines and old nets present. When you go down you will find a general depth of 12 metres then further you will find a drop off down to 24 metres, called Hell’s Edge (Xifer l-Infern) with huge algae covered boulders. Here you can see some of the best flora and fauna we have in Malta. You can expect to see some dentex and moray eels too. You can go even further out to the next drop off which has a deep ledge. Here you can find many fish and red soft coral, also picarel, parrotfish, chromis, sea potatoes, sea cucumber, purple sea urchins and light bulb tunicates.