Ghar it-Trozz

Location of Site:
Just off Gnejna Bay, door to door with Ras ir Raheb

Type of Dive: By Boat

Well exposed to currents, surge and swell. This site is good when the wind is from the north east or East but not diveable with west or north west winds

Average Depth: 30 metres
Maximum Depth: Below 70 metres

Certification Required: 

BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive: 
The vertical wall rises up to approx 60 metres high and the water is clear. The bottom starts at a depth of 30 metres on the northern side of the bay, dropping down to 50m after approx 100 metres. The steep coastal rocks form an impressive underwater wall characterized by numerous cavities and housing a number of fissures. The site is renowned for the cave in the area. The walls of the cave are covered with colourful sponges and coral and this helps it to make this a very impressive dive site.