Marfa Point (Cirkewwa Arch)

Location of Site: 
To the South of the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal

Type of Dive:  
This shore dive can be reached from various points where there is the parking area for divers vehicles. 

Sheltered from the south east and north east wind but can be choppy at times with a different wind. 

Average Depth:  15 metres
Maximum Depth: 24 metres

Certification Required: BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water or equivalent.

The Dive: 
The arch is located along the edge of the protected reef and is located inlet from the drop off. It is a cavern with a large hole on the top, creating an arch under which divers can easily gain access to. The arch is the highlight of the dive as the reef is covered with algae and posedonia beds. Numerous fish and cray-fish inhabit the area. The top of the arch is at 12 metres. Shoals of jacks and barracudas are common in this area, adding to the pleasure one gets when diving this serene area.

There is also a horsehoe cavern / tunnel en route back from the arch at about 11m in the same reef wall.