Marfa Point (The Madonna)

Location of Site: 
To the South of the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal from the old entry point.

Access: Shore dive

Can be choppy but is sheltered from the South East and North west wind.

Average Depth: 12 metres
Maximum Depth: 18 metres

Certification Required: BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water or equivalent.

The Dive: 
Amphibians Diving Club placed this beautiful statue found in a small natural cavern at a depth of 18 metres.  In Christmas 2017 they also added a small crib in an aphorae next to the Madonna. As you swim out from the entry point you come to a drop and you swim down and go to the right. In the corner of the drop off wall you will note a small cavern where the statute of the Madonna is located.

You can continue the dive swimming in a westerly direction staying in a depth of 15 metres which will lead you to a large swim-through going all the way through the headland which can be negotiated by divers. Grouper can be seen in the area as well as the occasional octopus.