Migrah Ferha

Location of Site: 
On the south western coast off Dingli Cliffs

Type of Dive: 
Ideally this is done as a boat dive but for the physically fit one can walk down a steep flight of steps and rocks.

If done from shore, make sure exit is possible before entering the sea as tidal swells can make it close to impossible to exit

Average Depth: 40-60 metres
Maximum Depth: Beyond 60 metres

Certification Required: 
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive: 
This dive is frequented mostly for depth. It is one of the deepest spots accessible from shore in the Maltese Islands. The seabed slopes sharply to 50 metres and beyond. When you get into the water at the bottom of this gorge, you can dive and go towards your right. Entry is into 8 metres of water, from where you head southeast. Swimming along the beautiful wall a diver will come to an archway and cave at 12 metres which rises up inside to 4 metres, often with a layer of fresh water at the top. In the open sea you can see barracuda, jacks, tuna and eagle rays. Large grouper are common, also comber, wrasse and bream.

The side of the cliff wall is full of crevices, where the occasional lobster can be sighted. The top of the wide is a wide shelf at about 15 metres which is full of cars, mostly dumped here for insurance jobs, but in themselves they created an artificial reef with a difference. Many clay pigeons (which got away) are also sprinkled around the shallows – evidence of a shooting range close by.