Rdum Tal-Vigarju

Location of Site:
South of Ras Ir-Raheb

Type of dive: Boat dive

Sheltered from the north east wind

Average Depth: 25 metres
Maximum Depth: 52 metres

Certification Required:
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent 

The dive: 
This is practically a wall dive and the dive starts in the location where there is a cave which protrudes out of the water. The sea bed if you head north is covered with boulders. Groupers are usually seen nesting under the boulders. The sea bed drops off in narrow steps to at least 50 metres and at this depth the sea bed is mainly composed of sand and flat rock. The wall is covered with much different kind of colourful sponges and plants which make a good home to the smaller species of fish, crabs and other shell fish. Shoals of small silver fish and damsel fish are usually seen swimming above and below the ledge. The cave is small no danger exits if one enters the cave.