Sikka l-Bajda

Location of Site:
2.5km northeast of Rdum L-Ahmar, the easterly side of Marfa Ridge, to a raised reef

Type of Dive: By boat

The reef is very exposed with surge and expected surface chop with light current

Average Depth: 15 metres
Maximum Depth: 25 metres and over 70 metres beyond the drop off

Average Visibility: 30 metres

Certification Required: 
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive: 
This is a very large reef with a bottom that is flat and rocky with areas that are partly covered with sea weed and other areas which are bare and hardly explored. Because the reef is very near to the boating route and one should be very cautious when diving the reef. The use of a delayed surface marker buoy is advisable. When calm, the water is very clear otherwise, visibility ranges from 10 – 15 metres. The reef is fished alloy by amateur fishermen using trammel nets but fish species such as gobies, bream and crabs are plentiful. Sometimes shoals of Barracuda are seen in the area. 

The reef is a very big and if you do not know the right spot to dive you will not dive the most interesting area of the reef.  The right spot is found using transits. The transits are the dome of the Mosta Church in line with the east point of St Paul’s Island, and the Red Tower in line with the small Chapel situated on the cliff of Ahrax Point.