Billinghurst Cave (L-Ghar il-Kbir)

Location of Site:
To the west of Reqqa Point into the indented corner of the shoreline

Type of Dive: Shore dive

Can be done only by experienced divers in flat calm conditions Average Depth: 30 metres
Maximum Depth: 35 metres Certification Required:
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent The Dive:
This could be easily be done as a shore dive. Drive through Marsalforn towards Il- Qbajar. If you keep following the road you will eventually come onto a concrete road. Keep following this road and, eventually, on the right hand side of this road, you will notice a couple of slip roads onto the rocks. Take the second one and the follow the rocky track until it is possible. If you come across a huge snail carved in the rocks on your left-hand side, you have gone too far. Park the car by a big salt-pan there, and if you get out and walk towards the sea you will find like a little indent in the rock from the point of which you can have easy entry and exit. Get kitted up beside the car.

A walk down the rocky and sharp path leads from the salt pans to sea level. The rocks are sharp, so hard sole boots are recommended. This location should be avoided in a swell, as the exit becomes difficult.

This time keep the cliffs to your left-hand side all the time, and a take a turn around the headland in about 28 metres. You will eventually come to a tunnel cavern that you cannot miss. Enter this cavern, which is one of the biggest in these islands and enjoy the colourful scenery of sponges, false coral and crustaceans in this cave.

The exit point is backtracking to the same spot you entered the water. This dive is classed as one of the most favourite dives.