Crocodile Rock

Location of Site:
Between Dwejra Pont and Fungus rock lies this crocodile shaped rock

Type of Dive: By boat

Along the outer wall it can be choppy, with surge and slight currents Average Depth: 35 metres
Maximum Depth: 45 metres Certification Required:
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent The Dive:
This dive is preferred as a boat dive by divers, although a few adventurous ones sometimes tackle it as a shore dive. Just slightly north of Fungus rock, you will come across a small rock sticking out of the water, not so far away from land. If you look more closely, this rock resembles the shape of a crocodile. If by boat, drop the anchor at the southern-most side of this rock. If doing it as a shore dive, you have to drive down to Dwejra. Look on your right-hand side to spot this rock and drive on the rocks as close as you can to it. Snorkel to the same spot.

Dive down, and you should be in about 7 metres of water. Just as in the Fungus Rock dive , if you swim west you will come across a sheer drop-off from about 8 to 40 metres. When you get to the bottom, steer to the north and follow the drop-off. The scenery here is very similar to the previous dive. In this area you will find some sizeable boulders, the bigger size fish like grouper, bream, goldies and open water fish like amberjacks, barracudas, tuna and dentex. The cliff face itself is very colourful with sponges, false coral, and brightly coloured Starfish. On occasion the odd moray and conger eel are also spotted here.

If you keep following the cliff side, you will come across a very nice cave, which a lot of locals know as the ‘Coral Cave’. The name says it all. This cave is covered with a lot of brightly coloured lace coral, and if you look in the nooks and crannies here, you are liable to spot a lot of colourful shrimps. Great care has to be taken not to take any chances and enter any of the tight spots in this cave. These can look very enticing but can become very precarious at times. It is advisable to stick to the open spaces in this cave. Coming out of this cave it is time to return to base in the shallower waters.

Again this is a very interesting dive, but please beware of your depth and decompression  time, because the visibility here is so clear that it could be deceiving.