Dawra Tas-Sanap


Location of Site:
Dawra Tas-Sanap Type of Dive:
By Boat

Condition: With a northerly or north east wind it is diveable. You can also dive it when you have light north west wind because the inlet shelters the site

Average Depth: 20 metres
Maximum Depth: 45 metres Certification Required:
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent The Dive: 
The dive site is located at the first sheltered inlet to the southeast of Xlendi Bay and has an underwater landscape to please all level of divers. A shallow reef, drop offs, massive boulders an arch and most of the time dentex and groupers roam this area. The boat anchors on the shallow reef which has an average depth of 8m. There is a deep cave and a natural arch in the surrounding cliffs which has been created by the sea over thousands of years. There is a massive semi-circular cavern at the base of the archway, below this area there are many large boulders, to both sides and above the walls are vertical. After you have reached your maximum depth (45m) return to 15m and enjoy the wonderful sight of the big arch in the sunlight and the large shoals of salema fish moving across the reef. Now you can return to the shallow reef for your safety stops and the boat.