Blue Lagoon

Location of Site: To the north of the sheltered Blue Lagoon

Type of Dive:  Boat Dive

Condition: Very popular with tourists as it is well sheltered from storms

Average Depth: 6 metres

Maximum Depth: 12 metres

Certification Required:
BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water or equivalent. The Dive:
Cruise around Comino to the Gozo side, and as soon as you pass Santa Maria Bay start looking for the first turn right. This will lead you to a little bay surrounded with cliffs. Turn into the very small bay and keep turning as sharp right as possible. Drop anchor. It would be a very good idea that you have a few loafs of bread in a plastic bag with you on this dive, because as soon as you enter the water and you show the bread around, you are in for an experience of a life time. The amount of Blue Bream in this bay cannot be matched anywhere else, and they are so friendly that they come for the bread in the hundreds.

Once you have finished playing around with the fish, swim to the right hand side of this bay, and this will lead you into a very interesting cave. Once you fin into the cave for a while, you will see the opening to the other side of the headland into the open sea. If you look very carefully at the ceiling of this cavern, half way through you will come across a place that you can surface into a natural rock pool, with an opening into the fresh air. This in itself is a very nice sight indeed. When you carry on into the cave and out of the other side, right in front of you, you will notice another cavern that goes underneath another headland; go through this cavern full of colourful sponges and crustaceans, and take a right turn around the headland. This is where you have to look under the rocks for Grouper and Bream.

Return through the first cave to end up underneath your boat. If you have any more bread left, feed the fish again before you surface.