Cominitto Cave (Alex’s Cave)

Location of Site: 
To the south of the next large islet between Cominotto and Comino, were behind is the Blue Lagoon

Type of Dive: By boat

It is extremely dangerous to dive this cave when there is a southerly storm blowing, other then that  it is sheltered

Average Depth: 8 metres

Maximum Depth: 16 metres

Certification Required: 
BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water or equivalent. The Dive: 
This cave is usually dived after inner lantern point dive, and is a very interesting cave which has been carved out by wave action having a sandy bottom and smooth sides. On the floor of the cave there is algae debris and you can surface to natural light through the chimney at the back of the cave, but only when the sea is flat calm. Then from here you can either return to the boat or proceed to Crystal Lagoon through the tunnel in the next headland. This can only be done if you are good on air and here the bottom is covered with boulders and is clear of silt. The seabed is covered with Posidonia and you might also spot saddled bream and two bar bream.