Comino – Lautier’s Reef

This part of the reef was named after Tony Lautier who used to own the Comino Diving Centre).


Location of Site:  In the channel between Gozo and Comino.

Type of dive: Boat dive

Condition: Site is exposed, to be dived when the wind is light.


Average depth: 25 metres

Maximum depth: 45 metres


Certification required: BSAC Sport Diver, Padi AOWD, CMAS 2 Star


The dive:  

Ideally the boat anchors where there is the swim through cave. Best to have the GPS coordinates otherwise it will be difficult to find. The top of the reef starts at 18 metres, you can visit the cave at the start of the dive than head out along the wall of the reef. You can choose to head in the direction of Cominotto or Gozo. In the direction of Cominotto the depth becomes shallower, so if you are looking for 45 metres you head in the direction of Gozo  . This is a spectacular reef with a lot to see. Usually in Summer a lot of barracuda are seen on the reef. Also 5 big anchors can be seen on the North and South side of the reef.  One word of caution when you dive the reef stay close to the reef. As this is in the middle of the channel the Gozo Channel boats pass close by. Also always carry a DSMB with you.

Photos below courtesy of Ms. Veronica Busuttil