Inland Sea (Dwejra)

Location of Site:
Head to the small enclosed bay at Dwejra Type of Dive:
From the shore swim out on the surface then drop down on the left to avoid the constant boat traffic Condition:
Only done when water is crystal clear and even should be avoided after it has  rained heavily. Average Depth: 18 metres
Maximum Depth: 25-60 metres Certification Required: 
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent The Dive: 
This is another shore dive situated in Dwejra. When you are at the Chapel mentioned in the previous dive take a right turning down the hill towards an enclosed part of the sea. This is a semi-circular bay cut off from the sea by a high cliff with a narrow cave at the centre. Two concrete jetties are useful for access but beware of slippery surfaces. Going in the water it is generally very shallow and covered with pebbles and small rocks. It will be a good idea to snorkel to the cave, which is well visible from the surface. Beware of surface traffic because local fishermen who keep their small boats in the garages along the shore use this cave. The boats are also used to ferry tourists out on sight seeing short trips. Dive and keep to the bottom while swimming out of the creek. Through this tunnel you will find a breath-taking journey through a narrow dipping creek with a pebble bottom. Looking out towards the open sea and the excellent visibility here is a rare sight. When you get to the clear blue open sea you will notice a lot of big boulders around and the sea bed drops down to around 50 metres. These waters are usually home to large fish; don’t just look at the bottom and underneath the rocks for grouper and big fish of the type, but also ahead of you in the open sea because free swimming fish here are usually abundant. The walls to the left and right are also attractive with plenty of colourful crevices and overhangs.

This is the type of dive that you have to keep a close eye on your dive computer  because the visibility could deceive you. Return back through the tunnel taking great care on surfacing because of surface traffic.