Navigation: Off Xatt L’Ahmar

Access: Shore Dive

Depth: 40 metres

Visibility: Good and an ideal diving site when wind is blowing from the North West

Sea Bed: Sand

Interests: Wreck Dive

Certification Required: BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent

The Dive:
Ideally dived from a boat but can also be dived from the shore. A shot line should be deployed if diving from a boat. Access from the shore is the same as for the Comino Land because the two wrecks are found in the same area about 100 metres apart. It is recommended that one snorkels for about 10 metres then the descent is made and the diver should swim out for about 60 metres to encounter the wreck.

The wreck is safely penetrated because of the various openings, as this wreck is bigger than the Cominoland it has two decks. Again on returning back to the shore you can continue to enjoy the dive in the shallow waters and his s an ideal situation to carry out your decompression stops. Good monitoring of your air supply and bottom time is recommended. It is also good to use a compass to take a bearing when swimming out to the wreck.