The Blue Dome (Ghasri Valley, Cathedral Cave)

Location of Site:
Between Forna Point and Reqqa Point Type of Dive:
Best by boat but can be done on shore requiring an arduous climb, over rocks and steps

Condition: Sheltered inlet

Average Depth: 12 metres in the cave and 30 metres outside
Maximum Depth: 30 metres Certification Required:
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent The Dive: 
The Cathedral Cave if situated beyond Reqqa point and habitats many beautiful fish. Visibility is so good that you can be in 50 metres of water and think you are in 30 metres or so. This cave is known as Cathedral Cave because of its massive size and the ethereal blue light reflecting off the water. To fully appreciate the beauty of this cave it should be dived between 10am to noon. It is an easy dive. Just at the mouth of the canyon, you will find a beautiful cave which begins at a depth of 5 metres and ends at a depth of 30 metres. You could also go for a deep dive or continue a dive around the coast. You could find better fish life around the coast. There is a very large grouper which is quite friendly. The coral and fauna here are great. Large moray eels and octopus can be found.