Xatt L-Ahmar

Location of Site:
Southwest of Mgarr, sheltered by Mellieha Point Type of Dive:
From the shore over farming land with an easy walk down

Condition: Sheltered with little current

Average Depth: 9 metres
Maximum Depth: 30 metres Certification Required: 
BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent The Dive:
This is a small reddish bay at the end of a winding rough road beyond Xewkija in Malta’s sister island Gozo. A four-wheel drive vehicle is strongly recommended. It is a dive that may prove attractive when a North West wind is blowing. It is also one of the very few dives accessible in this type of wind.

Drive down this dirt track as far as you can, park and kit up here. Walk down the rocky beach and walk into the sea. Get ready for a fairly long snorkel out to the south edge of the bay, until you come across a pleasant drop-off with plenty of nooks and crannies. Follow this drop in a South Westerly direction to find a lot of big boulders and also small ones. These are the homes for a lot of different creatures. Small groupers, wrasse, octopus bream and goldies are common here. Past these boulders you will come to a sandy patch and the odd ray lying on the sand is not uncommon.

On your return you can come up on top of the shelf, and return in shallower waters. Sardines and little sprat in great numbers are usually spotted here.