Last Thursday (23/02/2023) we held the club’s AGM for this year. We thank all members who directly or indirectly participated.
A few highlights for those not present:

  • The Club’s membership increased last year to approximately 115 members. Thanks for support throughout the year by all the members.
  • On the diving front, Sunday boat boat dives and training courses progressed well. The DO expressed the wish that the club throughout the coming year develops additional dive leaders and instructors.
  • The Club’s future premises are now fully constructed up to shell standard and this year we will focus on finishing up the interior so it becomes usable as of next year (or earlier).
  • The financial situation of the club is stable with a reasonable surplus generated last year from membership and fund-raising activities. The Club will need to keep an eye on spending and income generation activities / funding opportunities due to the costs that will be spent on the premises so that as far as possible, no loans will be needed to finish up the premises.
  • Social activities were limited, and this will be an area to look forwards to improve in the coming year.
  • Most of the 2022 committee members will again participate in the committee for this year (albeit taking different roles for a few of them) and a new member is being welcomed. An election was not required. Members who wish to assist are more than welcome, even if not serving on the main committee.

    Thanks to all members for your support, and we look forward to a challenging, but potentially massively rewarding 2023.