Presentation Tue 23 January – High-adrenaline diving in Galapagos

Presentation by Malcolm Ross at DiveSystems Malta, Sliema on 23 January at 20:00.

Some club members are planning or thinking about live-aboard diving in the Galapagos Islands. 

Malcolm Ross will share some underwater and land images captured on expeditions in 1995, 1998 (decimated by El Niño) and 2000. 

The Galapagos has changed. Sparsely populated back then, there are now 35,000 population, growing at 8% per year. Originally to serve the now hundreds of cruise ships landing there each year, many now engage in illegal farming. Illegal fishing is rife..

What has not changed are the diving conditions. Malcolm will share stories on what to be prepared for in terms of equipment, health, body and mentally. Hear about mind-blowing density of large fish and mammals up very close, many very big and some with quite a few teeth.

Malcolm can also share some images of the usual stop-over in exquisite Quito and its neighbourhood.

Event open to all interested divers!