Many reasons prompt people to learn to dive

thrill – adventure – opportunitiessense of achievement

Diving takes you into an exciting realm of experiences – from the first time you breathe air underwater to encounters with marine life, the challenge of wreck diving and the satisfaction of exploring new environments, developing new skills and making new friends, or just chill and relax in weightlessness!

Quote from our Club instructors

Diving is a sport open to everyone, with CSAC it’s never been easier to take the plunge.


Theory training (6 bite-size lessons) can now be started online, at your own pace and in a few days you can finish all the theory training in your leisure time, during breaks at work or maybe, whilst sitting somewhere by the sea for some more inspiration!

The training is carried out via the British Sub-Aqua Club Platform (BSAC) with which our club is affiliated. BSAC’s qualifications are internationally recognised.


Practical Training is carried out with our club instructors over a few weekends, or during the week depending on your and our instructors’ availability.

The combination of theory lessons, sheltered and open water lessons experience will equip you with all the skills you need.


Once qualified the ocean will become your underwater playground or as many of us divers feel, our perfect relaxation spot where mobiles don’t ring!

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