Sunday Boat Dives

The club organises Boat Dives every Sunday (weather permitting) in the North of the Island.


Club Members are given priority to join the boat dive on a first come – first served basis, but people considering to join the club are also welcome, depending on their diving experience.

Dives are carried out at places not normally dived from shore and which provide good opportunities for beginners, experienced and advanced divers to enjoy the dive.


Club Nights

The Club organises regular club nights with diverse social and cultural activities, including:

Underwater Photography Presentations

Marine Environment Educational Sessions


Diving Skills Advancement Courses

First Aid and Water Rescue drills




Scuba Diving Courses

The Club organises depending on demand a number of BSAC Scuba Diving Courses to teach complete beginners the techniques to dive safely as well as improve the skills of those already certified.


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